(19TH JULY – 19TH AUGUST, 2016)



The Student Exchange Program (SEP) allows University of Malaya undergraduates and postgraduates students spend a month at Ehime University to expand more knowledge and experience in life. SEP is a chance for the students to experience student life in foreign country and learn to be a global citizen. It is a good opportunity for students to pick up new language, absorb new cultures and make new friends.


As a second year postgraduate student in the Faculty of Engineering (University of Malaya), being awarded the chance to go on an exchange programme was a very good opportunity for me to learn a new culture and experience different learning environment.


First day of arrival in Ehime Prefecture and being guided to Ehime Universit

The exchange lasted for one month from mid of July till mid of August 2016 at the Ehime University which located in Matsuyama, Ehime (Japan). As one of the students that was chosen for the exchange programme at the university which is rich with Japanese cultures, it is quite a good way in exchange the knowledges and cultures in this university. Back in Malaysia, I was very excited and really interested in creating new experiences as an international student exchange to Ehime University, where it was quite an eye opener to experience it myself in real way.


The exchange also allows me to put the topic of studying local universities versus overseas universities in the spotlight. The difference lies with the way how the experiments are been managed in the laboratory. The attachment in Heat & Transfer Laboratory (under Prof. Shinfuku Nomura supervisions) has gave me the opportunity to learn about some of the technologies in the lab that are not available during my study in University of Malaya.

A demonstration of the experiment to the students from high school during Open Campus

I can see that, the availability of the instruments in the laboratory give better exploration to the subject area while students having more time in the week to do their self-study and research. The opportunity to meet with the local students and sensei give me a chance also to collaborate with the laboratory here as to expand the better research in future.


Looking back, I think I have become more independent as a person. The exchange programme provided a unique and fruitful learning experience outside the limits of a laboratory. I would like to thank the staffs at Faculty of Engineering and all the staffs that involved in guiding us through the programme and also I want to express my big thanks for the kind assistance in making this experience possible.


The staffs and the local students here have introduced us to some interesting places and also high technology agricultural company. The programmes offered a visit to Matsuyama’s Castle, Dogo Onsen and Iseki Company which located in Matsuyama City, Japan. This programme has thought me a lot during the learning journey in Matsuyama, Japan.

A visit to Matsuyama’s Castle which was guided by local Japanese students

They are also some other places that we went for visit by our self, such as Dogo Park, Sogo  Park, Okaido Street, shrines at different places and many more. I have also experienced watched the festival that was held at Okaido and Gintengai streets which is very fun and interesting to see. It is nice to view that Matsuyama City is very clean and nice place with a good environment and friendly citizens. Plus, it was quite interesting for myself to see how locals are very open minded to new immigrants. I have found it as a good way to reflect on our very own Malaysian identity to Japanese people.

A visit to Yu Shrine near Dogo Onsen

A visit to Iseki Company which was supported by Ehime University 

(Thank you for gave us a very nice hospitality and nice treat!)


This report is prepared by:Siti Shafiah binti Shazali

Postgraduate Student

Faculty of Engineering,

University of Malaya

(Semester 2, 2015/2016)

Short-Term Exchange Program (Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Institute Technology Bandung)

 Name: Arlina Phelia (Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environmental Institute Technology Bandung)

The Program Time Table

Arriving at the campus we went straight to the meeting room on the 3rd floor at the main building of FOE, where the orientation activities for international students who participated in student exchange program for 1 month, for this activity followed by students from ITB (5 people) and UGM (20 people). After the orientation activities are completed, we are directly divided to the laboratory and the professors. For ITB students, divided into 4 laboratories.

On Campus Activities

We were placed in Miyuki Dormitory, about 10 minutes to campus by bicycle, and in dormitory also has been prepared bikes as our vehicle everyday. Mrs. Aya Yoshinaga and Mrs. Yatoghe Santomi, representing Ehime University who explained the rules during the exchange program.

Lab Work (Molecular Ecology Lab)

Visiting the Molecular Ecology laboratory with Sensei Kozo Watanabe who was discussing with the students about the dengeu project, which some tools used in laboratories such as PCR, RNA, DNA, cooling equipment, and others.

Field work (Taking water sample, analyzing water quality,measuring velocity water and depth, tracking area with GPS) in Hijikawa River Uchiko Japan.

Kurushima-Kaikyo Bridge

Kurushima-Keikyo Bdirge is one of the connecting bridges between Shikoku Island and Honsu. This bridge consists of 3 parts with 6 towers and 4 anchorages.

An honor to meet the Dean of Faculty of Engineering

All exchange students in this program (ITB and UGM) got the chance to meet the dean of Faculty of Engineering, and handed the plaque to him.

University Festival with Friends

Ehime University conducts the annual event of Ehime Festival and this year is the 67th year held for 2 days 11-12 November. The festival features drama theater for children, students extracurricular performances such as (Gymnastic, Band, Theater, and others), as well as Ehime student bazaars.

Farewell Party with Lab. Molecular Ecology and Friends of PPI

We were given the opportunity to follow farewell party with friends Ehime University and friends from Indonesia.

Off Campus Activities

We were given the opportunity to visit the oldest Theater in Uchiko namely Kabuki Uchiko-za Theater, where the theater was built from 1916 and still solid until now with Sensei Kozo and Student’s Lab. Also, we had the chance to visit to some of the sights around Matsuyama city such as a Matsuyama Castle, Shiroyama Park, Ehime Shopping Center, Sogo Koen, Dogo Onsen, Dogo Park, Bansuoi, wearing japanese “Kimono”, and others. We visited to the tractor-making plant for the farm and its gallery in Ehime, Matsuyama with students of ITB and UGM.

Transportation in Ehime, Matsuyama

Ehime transportation such as Bike, Car, Motor, Bus, and Train.

Food in Ehime, Matsuyama

Some of the food and drinks were encountered at Ehime, Matsuyama. We taste excellent food such as Soba, Udon, Kare, Higiriyaki, Mikan, Shrimp, Sushi, and the food at the Ehime University Cafeteria.