Overview of inbound
exchange programs

Our programs were implemented to accommodate students from our overseas partner schools for short-term study in the Science and Engineering departments. The period of study is about one month; students conduct research and exercises and participate in field surveys and tours. These programs show exchange students the appeal of Ehime University, and act as an introduction for students who may later wish to enroll in our Master's or Ph.D. programs, or the Double Degree Program.

Program Types

Supported Short-term Exchange Programs
About The Supported Short-term Exchange Programs

Based on academic agreements between the Faculty of Engineering and Science and partner schools, students from partner schools in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan can participate in exchange programs at Ehime University that last about one month.

International students will be placed in laboratories in specialized areas and conduct research with teachers and students at our university. We also offer many chances to participate in field tours and community activities. International students can gain a wide experience of Japanese culture and technology. Welcoming exchange students, in addition to revitalizing research, contributes to the internationalization of our university and strengthens the global sensibilities of our students.

Supported Short-term Exchange Programs
Kanken Study Abroad (KSA) Project
About The Kanken Study Abroad (KSA) Project

The KSA Project is an exchange program led by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. We've established partnerships with universities across Asia in order to enhance students' individual abilities through exchange studies. You've probably heard the word "globalization". It's clear that Japan will continue to cooperate with Asian nations on Civil and Environmental engineering projects. Students are hosted in this program for between one and four months (one semester), and get a feel for Japanese culture. While gaining insights into construction and the environment, the program pushes students to collaborate with people across cultures and languages. The KSA Project started in 2011 with a single exchange with Ulsan University in Korea, but grew to a total of five university study programs by 2017.

For details, please visit http://www.cee.ehime-u.ac.jp/
About The Kanken Study Abroad (KSA) Project
About The Malaysia Japan Higher Education Programme (MJHEP)

The Ehime University Faculty of Engineering is a member of JUCTe (Association of Japanese International Education Universities), a partner of Malaysia Japan Higher Education Program (MJHEP) , which is funded by the Government of Malaysia. The program is intended for third-year students at Kuala Lumpur University in Malaysia. JUCTe-affiliated schools conduct a transfer test in Malaysia, and successful applicants transfer to the third year at Ehime University. A great opportunity for talented students to come and study with us!

Malaysia Japan Higher Education Programme (MJHEP)
Double Degree Program (DDP)
About The Double Degree Program (DDP)

DDP is an educational program that allows students to acquire degrees through study at two universities (the alma mater and another university), a distinctive form of education that is beginning to spread globally. Partner universities strengthen their organizational and ongoing education collaboration while offering distinctive classes for students to experience abroad. DDP students can acquire two degrees in a shorter period than they could finish a single university degree program. At Ehime University, the Graduate School of Science and Engineering along with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering course began a Master's level DDP, the first one at our university, with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Gajah Mada University in Indonesia. The program began in April of 2016.

For details, please visit http://www.cee.ehime-u.ac.jp/~ddp/index.html
Double Degree Program (DDP)