My Experience as Exchange Student in Ehime University

(Addo Hernando / Universitas Gadjah Mada)

  This year, I got an opportunity to be an exchange student in Ehime University for 1 month period. This exchange program was held in the colorful autumn season, which is 21 October – 19 November 2018. I feel thankful for Ehime University and Japan Science & Technology Agency as the exchange program organizer.

  Ehime University is one of the biggest university in Shikoku Island. Ehime University was established in 1949 and now has six faculties, which are Faculty of Law and Letters, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation, Faculty of Science, School of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, and Faculty of Agriculture. In this exchange program, I got an opportunity to do research in Faculty of Engineering, Chemistry Department.

  In Chemistry Department, I was assigned in Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory. Here, I met Associate Professor, Yamaguchi and my mentor, Taketomi. Taketomi is a first year master student in this university, and he is assigned as my research mentor. I met a new field of research, which is metal and organic complex for chemical reaction catalyst. As I remember, this research filed has not studied yet in my department, Chemical Engineering Department, Universitas Gadjah Mada. So I think it is very difficult yet very interesting to study.

  Another thing I learnt here was Japanese culture. Some of the cultures that very differ from Indonesia are being on-time and waste separation. I really like how Japanese people are so structured in time management and always on time, not early nor late. Even 1 minute late is considered bad here, very different from Indonesian. Waste separation is a thing here and Indonesia, but Japanese waste separation is very discipline, but I am sure this is what make the city more clean and energy sufficient as combustible waste can be converted to energy. I hope that someday Indonesian can do the same as Japanese.

  I feel so grateful for this experience and I am sure this experience will be one precious memory in my life. I also want to express my gratitude to Tanoto Foundation for supporting me to join this program. As after being in Ehime University for 1 month, I have experienced many things and be able to developed myself.